frieza's Journal

15 March 1983
I'm known mainly for my work on Stepmania among the Bemani community. Besides coding pretty much anything that had nothing to do with DDR, I am also known for producing simfiles with custom scripted background animations, the most notorious of which is sweet, which I still get fanmail about to this day (WHYYYYYY?).

However, most people mistake me for a DDR fan. Whilst I started on DDR, its actually one of my lesser favorite music games. Dancegame wise I enjoy Ez2dancer the most, and I enjoy Pop'n Music and Beatmania IIDX equally notesmash wise.

I have some sort of involvement with these sites: Bemanistyle, DDRUK, DDRManiaX, BemaniEurope and a few others besides.
I moderate on some sites, write articles on others, and sometimes help out feature-wise on some of these sites.

Happy Hardcore is without a shadow of a doubt my most favorite music genre of the moment. Besides going to numerous raves with the likes of Brisk and Ham, Scott Brown, Dougal and Gammer, Breeze and Style, Kev Energy and Sharkey and many, many more. I used to rave mainly at Club Destiny until the club was shut. RIP =(

I am also somewhat of a hobbyist DJ, and I spend a lot of my spare time practising mixing and going into record shops and trying to find some top tracks.

I have involvement with the following sites:
Happyhardcore.com and DI.fm

For a while I was very much into blogging. I got nowhere with it because I am bad at writing, but I still maintain contact with most of the people who I have befriended from the blogging scene. Zannah has especially helped me out since forever, words cannot express how much I appreciate the help. Thanks.

I've been interested in anime for a long time. My bedroom walls are almost a giant mosaic of anime posters and wallscrolls, yet every year I buy a few more wallscrolls and still manage to find a spot to put them without taking down any more posters or covering any up just by moving things around. It's almost like I have infinite wallspace in this tiny room (if only my bank account worked in a similar way!).

I only ever go to one Anime convention per year and that is Minamicon. Up until recently I usually ended up getting roped into helping run the games room, and nearly each time the majority of equipment loaned is from me, though recently Myst has taken over the pain and suffering that is the running of the games room.

Things like Furi Kuri and Kodomo No Omocha appeal to me, generally anything that is funny or crazy goes down well although I will watch virtually anything. Unlike a lot of Anime fans on the Internet though, Anime is not my entire life.

I code games. Or at least I try to. I've failed like a big loser at getting jobs with big companies (partly due to better coders competing, or partly due to SOME companies having utter WANKERS interviewing) I've also FAILED epic style working for an Independant company, so I've come to the conclusion I'm doomed at coding video games in a professional capacity and have retreated to making games as a hobby.

I have been known to purchase shiny things for no apparent reason.
However, I am permanently without any money.
I enjoy travelling, but usually cannot due to the above.
I have a girlfriend who I love very much, even if she doesn't believe me.
I like things that produce light in particularly interesting ways. Candles, Glowsticks (especially glowsticks), Neon lights etc. I am like a moth in this respect.
I have an infrequently updated deviantart account.
I have an infrequently updated Flickr Account.
Clicking the google ads or buying stuff from play asia via This page earns me pathetic amounts of money, but every click is appreciated anyhow. (I also post simfile work on there from time to time).
I use this livejournal for commenting mainly. All of my old posts have been marked hidden, and only things which I feel are MOST important will be posted to my LJ, this is because certain people have issues with me and cannot help but make a fuss in my LJ comments.